Apple Keynote & What To Expect

Apple Keynote 2018 is a press conference hosted by Apple to unveil their latest cutting edge Technology. They are expected to showcase three new iPhones, the 4th Series of Apple Watches, various Apple accessories including AirPods and Airpower  and software updates such as iOS12 and Mac OS Mojave. There are also rumors that they could Read more about Apple Keynote & What To Expect[…]

Is Your Computer Louder Than Normal? Heres Why…

Have you noticed your Mac, Laptop or Desktop PC making more noise than normal? The reason is probably a build up of dust and dirt Disgusting isnt it? What is it? Dust, Hair, Clothing Fibres, Feathers   What Causes it? Most computers contain fans to circulate air to cool the components inside. Unfortunately these fans Read more about Is Your Computer Louder Than Normal? Heres Why…[…]

4 Websites To Help Self Diagnose Computer Issues

Here are the top 4 websites that contain tools to help identify common issues and why they are so awesome 1 – Internet Speedtest This is a rapid benchmark that can easily identify networking issues or problems with a computers wireless and wired network card. 2 – Keyboard Tester This intuitive tool allows you Read more about 4 Websites To Help Self Diagnose Computer Issues[…]

New Name – Same Great Service

A lot has changed since our birth in 2008. We are pleased to confirm the changeover of our home user business from “Carden Computers” to Reboot and repair; same staff and same great service but under new ownership. This change was needed to separate our Home Repair and Business Support factions of the company, which Read more about New Name – Same Great Service[…]